Thursday, November 26, 2020
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N. White Street Structure Fire Wakes Town Up

Smoke, haze, and fire all welcome arriving fire departments.

Around 8:30 AM this morning an old house caught fire on N. White Street in downtown Wake Forest. The property, owned by Babar Rehman & Aziz Ur is listed as being built in 1901. The call went out for multiple units to respond. You can listen to the call below. Equipment dispatched included Wake Forest Engine 1, Wake Forest Engine ... Read More »

Accidental Threesome at Ale House

Trying to sneak past accident.

On an overcast, cold, and cloudy day last week three vehicles managed to clog up the entrance ramp in front of the Carolina Ale House from Dr. Calvin Jones to U.S. Route 1 South. According to official reports the pickup truck stopped to allow for other traffic merging onto the entrance ramp. Unfortunately the driver of the silver car was ... Read More »

Tuesday Night Wet Accident Between Two Trucks

An emergency call went out on Tuesday night for a collision of two trucks at the intersection of Old Falls of Neuse Road and Dr. Calvin Jones Highway. You can listen to the call below. The call went out for Wake Forest Engine 1, Wake Forest Ladder 1, and Wake Forest Battalion 1 to respond. It was very difficult to ... Read More »

Wake Forest Fire Station 4 Wanted by Some But Others Fighting It

The mayoral elections are over so let’s move on to the next most apparent divisive topic in Town, the proposed Wake Forest Fire Department Station 4. The talk and rhetoric about this proposed station have been heated by some and others have had feelings bruised while voices have been raised. And while we are absolutely not taking any sides here, ... Read More »

Wake Forest Driver Does It Up Big

A couple of days ago a driver managed to learn a driving lesson the hard way on Magnolia Forest Court in Wake Forest. The police report says the driver was distracted by a drink her passenger had just spilled in the car. Yea, we’d be a bit distracted and pissed off as well over that. According to the report, the ... Read More »

I’ll Have My Truck Over Easy Please

Last Sunday, November 10, 2013, we were just on our way to Home Depot when we rounded the corner to find this in front of us. We must be like accident magnets. And this certainly is not something you see every day around Wake Forest. At first we thought the driver of the pickup truck was just listening to Lionel ... Read More »

Want to See What Happens When You Burn Popcorn in the Microwave

We’ve all done it, left food in the microwave for a bit too long. A hot dog nuked for 4 minutes instead of 40 seconds makes for a petrified treat. But if you’ve burned popcorn in the microwave, that’s a smell you can’t get out of your house. That’s exactly the smell that was wafting out of the house at ... Read More »

RV Fire Burns Down Nothing

On Saturday afternoon an emergency call went out for what was a vehicle fire near a gas station. That’s not good. You can hear the original call below. It was one of those calls that has the possibility to be a raging inferno. On our way over we imagined the entire gas station in massive flames with the vehicle burned ... Read More »

Truck Driver Creatively Squares Off Circle

No disrespect to over the road truck drivers but this accident today seemed avoidable. The driver should probably have seen the circle jump out as he passed by. But alas, no. All clear now. Just a damaged wall and a fractured wallet as we are sure a bill will be sent to repair the beautiful stone wall. Read More »

Ohhhhh Crappppp – Capital and I-540 – WFFD Engine 5

In what appeared to be a self-inflicted accident, a driver in the very early Saturday morning hours managed to drive / slide off the entrance ramp to I-540 westbound from Capital Blvd headed south. You can listen to the emergency dispatch call below for Wake Forest Engine 5 and New Hope. Following our guiding rule 3 we are publishing the ... Read More »